Sometime in late 2005 Patrick, Andy and Max had become frustrated where they were working and knew they could build a better company from the ground up.

They wanted a name for this company that would reflect the business itself; unique and succinct. Using the wives’ names Nikki, Rachel and Margot, Niramar Pty Ltd was born at the start of 2006.

Although the company started with just the directors and a couple of employees, Niramar was quick to prove it’s worth and soon acquired work from major builders such as John Hindmarsh and Hansen Yuncken.

The directors’ philosophy has always been to position the company as a high end electrical contractor in the commercial market. Within five years Niramar had achieved DTEI Category One pre-qualification; a remarkable achievement for such a young company. Category One means that Niramar has joined only a small handful of electrical contractors that can price South Australian government projects in excess of $2.5 million.

In order to achieve this pre-qualification Niramar had to prove that it had the financial capability, an ISO9001 certified quality assurance system, and had already worked on a number of projects at this level.

Niramar now completes projects in excess of $4 million, but still with the same philosophy that helped the company get to this point. Even though the company has grown, the culture of the company has changed little as management still makes an effort to involve the workers in the company through a relatively flat management structure and generous social benefits.

Our successful completion of numerous major projects has opened up a relatively new maintenance division in the company. Builders and developers frustrated with existing contractors encouraged Niramar to branch into this area knowing that the same level of trust and competency could be relied up for this work.

Through the process of continually improving our systems and procedures Niramar has reached the ability to be self-sustaining where no one person has the monopoly on knowledge and staff have ready access to detailed process documentation to ensure consistency of the delivered product every time.